The DynAMIc project ( is organizing a Summer Workshop on microscopic imaging dedicated to elucidating the basics on recent multiparametric multimodality adaptive microscopy, its challenges and applications in biological and medical imaging. To that end a range of cutting-edge techniques and applications on imaging the retina and biological tissue in general will be discussed from leading scientists.

Who should apply?
The DynAMIc Summer Workshop aims at excellent MSc and PhD students as well as scientists from industry with background in physics, biology, engineering or medical science.

What will you learn?
The DynAMIc Summer Workshop is dedicated to elucidating the basics and wider context necessary to understand recent advances and challenges of biological and medical imaging through the path taken to serve the long term vision and ambition of the DynAMIc project which is “to revolutionize microscopic imaging by breaking i) the depth-to-resolution ratio and ii) the limited number of labels visualized, offering non-invasive, high-content, label-free imaging in totally inaccessible regimes, maintaining sub-wavelength resolution and offering early and advanced preventive diagnostics of pathologic conditions at a molecular level”. In addition, there will be a series of lectures discussing the developments and the current status of the DynAMic project.

The DynAMIc Summer Workshop will be held at the Conference Center of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania Crete (MAICh), during 3-5 July 2023, The pre-final program can be found below:
Program_Summer School

Travel Information
More information of how to travel to MAICh here.

Accommodation at MAICh premises can be arranged while you register through the application form below.
More information here

Participation fee:
The participation fee is 300€ and includes a 3 day coffee brakes, lunches and social events.

Application forms:
Application forms are accepted until the 25th of June.
For applications press here.